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Windows Xp o Superior


SD AdLayout

Accesible and revolutionary Tool
Adds digitaly placed in pages

Indesign and QuarkXtension.
Adds automatical placement.
Direct link with SD Class.
Exports to SD-Flow or other diagramming system.


Automatic processing. The user presets features as the porcentage of page to be used by adds and the way the are to be displayed. The program deals with everything from there and avoids errors, superpositioning and supersaturations.

User-friendly approach. Reduces the newspaper diagramation times. The changes and different versions, specifying the user that made the changes, are saved automatically and with costumed criteria. This helps to control and avoid job loss.

Costumed workspace. A simple tool for the operator, with widely adaptable colors and logos. The user will be abble to create his workspace, using the system boxes.


ASCII File. The input file is an ASCII, that is composed by the Classified System. This file has the publication date information for all the adds.

SD-Class imports. It gets the daily sold adds' information and organice them in a pyramidal style. In this way it avoids the usual and costly omissions.


Add positioning

Diagram configuration. It alows the user to set the adds placement (in a particular page range, a defined section, a singular page or a specific ubication, etc.). The placement porcentage can be set to avoid possible saturations.

Superposition control tool. Avoids accidental overlapping in the adds' manual placement. and movements.

Previous adds' distribution and verification. Adds are distributed automatically in boxes in the pages, with no need to have the original add at the time. This makes work faster and it also helps to check the disponibility of add material.

Distribution Report. Informs the user if an add was not posible to place automatically, so that it's managed by the user.

Profiles and Modifications. Changes can especific modifications can be made in the daily publications. For exceptional editions the product properties can be changed, like page quantity, sections, colors, etc.

Save tool. Allows the user to close a page and make no more modifications. The document can be safed automatically every N operations (N is a number set by the user). This helps to avoid work loss.

Diagram versions and operations archive. It creates versions of the diagramed page, which allows the user to go back and check for old changes. It also has an operation record if the user needs to take a look.



SD Flow Export. It creates individual Quark Xpress Documents per page. It's compatible with the SD Flow.

External Export. If it is exported to another system. The SD AdLayout creates a text box over each box with the image's name and information.


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