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QuarkXpress 8.12 / Indesign CS4

Windows Xp upwards


SD ClassFlow

Extension of Quark Xpress
for automatical add placement

Add pagination.
Geometrics of design is configurable.
Automatical art adds import.
Automatical "Fillers" placement.


Automatic processes. The program will automatically create indexes and headers; It will also organice the recieved information (changing order, adding fillings and reorganizing) in order to get to the exact number of pages preset by the user.

Speed and accuracy. The classified adds supplements are generated in a few minutes. Every sold space has been included and it's particular place is known by the user.

Personalized management.. The classified adds and advertisements' attributes and placement can be preset and applied automatically and modified separately if needed.


Automatically imports any kind of art or graphic design assigned to a space. as well as notable adds in any format accepted by QuarkXpress or Indesign.

It works with a powerful programmable convertion filter that converts the information of other systems to the SD Classflow.

The input file is an ASCII. It's structure is completely open and this means being flexible to generate pages in any classified adds system.

Page Organization

It allows the page organization of all types of classified adds in one operation, or just do the organization for each type (or group) in separate sequential operations. It paginates each add as a particular and independent Item or Box, and allows the user to make layout adjustments after paging. Each one of this boxes can have in it color, border and background presets that are taken from the object.

It makes classified adds pages by mixing lineal adds with significant adds.
It places the significant adds associated to sections or particular pages.
It also places the significant adds in the page according to the preset organization criteria (pyramid, pile, etc.) or in specific positions.

Classification and order .
It allows to complete the exact number of pages by changing the minimum space between linear adds or placing fillings and self-advertisent. It can also change automatically the adds' order inside a section so that the columns fit and can automatically justify the columns in vertical way so that they look organized. If this two opperations are not enought, fillings will be places.

Headers and Index.
It places the headers automatically in the begining of the sections, the head of column and the page resumption and the begining of end of it. It also creates the section index in page.

Control and Check.
It checks if the art size matchs the size of the space sold. And it can dismiss, resize or crop the art to make it match the asigned space. It controls automatically the column's ending, allowing or not to crop the adds, depending on the user's settings (usual in legal adds). It checks that no add is placed two times in the same publication, adn reports if an add is missing. It also controls the adds' location in page, avoiding overlappings that are hard to see on screen. Finally, it checks that no header is left without an add in the column base.


Direct export to Quark or by imposition (important in tabloide formated newspapers) mating pages and adding the necessary templates. It can automatically generate a trial output simultaneous with the recording or not .

EPS Format. Total or partial export in EPS format to be used in the editorial system.

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