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QuarkXpress and Indesign

Windows Xp or upwards


SD Export

Exports page's content
Automatic page printing

The page content is stored in diferente folders per each category: infografs, photografs, adds adn text.
It smartly relates the diferent elements.
Linked with the archive system SD Arc SQL.
It creates printed copies from the SD Editor.

Extraction and storage

Manual and automatical extraction. The page components extraction process can be done manually by the user, or be set to do the page search and component structure automatically. If it set to do the search automatically, the system does it in the defined directories. When it finds the page, it opens it and does the component extraction. Ones the process is done, the page is closed and the search starts again.

Sincronization with the SD Arc SQL. The components extraction and storage is made following a certain naming criteria, so that it can be used by SD Arc SQL.

Extracted components classification. In the extraction process the system analyzes the page components searching for texts and images. When it founds a text box it verifies if it is related to others, and it saves them as a whole and unique note, with tittle, subtittle, text, etc. If there is a relation between the text box and a picture, the image is exported and an information line is placed in the file created to store the text to inform that there is one or more images related to that text.

Image classification. The program verifies the image type, if it is a photograf, an add or an infography. Onces this is done, it searchs in preset directories which high quality image corresponds to that graf. The system lets the user create multiple search directories for each graf type, searching in all the stablished directories.

Automatic Printing

Paper Note copies.The printing automata is an app that creates, from the SD Editor automatically and with no operator intervention, paper copies of the newspaper pages.

Sincronization with the SD Editor. With this tool the journalist that is using the SD Editor, can get a printed copy of the page with the note they are working on ( in a set printer).

Paper preview. From the status window in the SD Editor, the complete page can be printed with all the available notes (that had already been transmited to the pagination system).


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