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SQL Server

Windows Xp or upwards


SD Editor

Editorial System for redactions
compatible with SQL

Text edition software for Windows.
Note edition records.
Geometry Passback.
Justification and hyphenation functions (H & J).
Texts ready for pagination.

Editors Tools

SD Editor has all the edition, search, archive and directory management, printing, transmition and interaction tools. All of this, in a user-friendly environment.

Syllabic cutting exceptions dictionary.
Security storage system.

Justification and hyphenation utilities (H&J). In spanish, english and portuguese. It allows the user to know the exact size of the edited text (in cm, pics, inches, etc). The photocomposition and format commands help the user to get the text ready for pagination.

Status Window. It allows the user to have complete control over the page being written by the editor. As the text is being written, the box gets colored with yellow. Ones the number of characters is reached the box will get green. if the writer exceeds the size, the box will turn blue.

Geometry Pass-Back function. With this function, the SD Editor, is abble to interpret the page diagrammed in SD Flow (QuarkXPress) or Harris. It allows the writter to adjust the note measures according to this information and get to match the content of the note with the space assigned.

Simultaneaous Edition. Multiple texts can be edited and y counts with the functions of copy and paste, search and replacemen, marking and selective erasing (cut), etc.

Notes Record. It keeps the successive changes made in one note, without loosing the originals nor the intermediate steps. It also saves the dates and the users who made the changes, making it easier to track the progress in production.

Coordination and interaction

Tracking visualization. This tool allows the user to oversee the editions' status.

Search Directory. It allows to search with key words, phrases, date and hour.

Configurable delivery procedure. When activated, the work flow forces the writter, editors, runners, etc, to follow the notes delivery procedures. Each one of this steps is configurable, and the rights and working options for each type of user in each step is configurable too.

Table configuration.The table configuration enables its functions to be adapted to different work requirements. In this way, is posible to create Programable Outputs, to different speeds and protocols to a variety of pagination and fotocomposition systems.

User profiles. View, edition, modification, erase, notes approval and note sending to page and production. All this functions are allowed depending on the users profiles, which are configurable. This helps to manage the privileges in the system.

Net Connection. It's interconnection in Net (Novell, Windows NT, UNIX, etc.) is both, simple, and easy to manage. It allows an smooth access to the available notes in the system servers and an agile dialogue with other point in the Net.

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