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SQL Server

Windows Xp or


SD Captura MP

Reception system for adds
multi products / multi media

Developed for SQL database.
Prices automatic calculation.
Easily scalable.
Optimized for high productivity
Simultaneus capture in many products or media.


Multiproducts. It lets the user to take the same add for many publications.

The tools are costumed for each media needs. From the reception escale and structure, to the adds design and billing criteria.

The user can work in a safe and organized way with the different classified add reception centrals.

The tool organizes automatically the adds and sets the prices taking into account the siza and criteria preset by the user. In this way the add information goes with no mistakes to the billing sector of the company.


Sales. Lets the user sell in many publications. Allows the classified add sale, lineal and hightlighted. Also sales art add in editorial pages with faced, consecutive and sequential adds. Finally, it can sell combos between publications with this combo promotions.

Trabaja con...

- Clasificados
- Solo texto
- Preformateados
- Arte con gestion del original
- Por formulario (Wizard)

Multiple rates for each kind of client.

Mailing to the agencies/clients with their orders and add previews.

Control of the used space in relation to the free space.


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