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Windows Xp or


SD Class SQL

Classified Add reception and

Developed for SQL data banks
Automatic price setings
Easily scalable
High productivity


The tool adapts it self to each company. In the recieving scale, the add format, billing criteria, etc.

The user can work safely and neatly with the different add capture centrals.

The tool automatically organizes the adds and sets prices based in the measures and criteria preset by the user. In this way the add information gets to the Billing department in an accurate and organized way.


System terminals. The classified adds are captured by the system terminals, that work with Windows.

Client-server structure with SQL bases. Remotes centralized management and configuration. Configurable and scalable to suit customer needs.

Phone Capture. Allows to get adds by phone and enable the publication after the payment is done and recieved by mail or credit card.

Remote reception terminals. Allows to place remote reception terminals in different spots in the city and get the material automatically from there in authorized hours.

Black list. The system has an option of black lists of phones and clients with add control an check. It blocks the adds coming from the black list clients and leaves them aside for evaluation.

Safety system. The system has a segurity system with coded entry for users in order to control access and functions empowerment.

Calendar. Calendar management allows and easy operation with the posibility to set promotions for a group of days.

Automatic add capture closure. This can be done by types, with the option of setting the day and hour for each one of them.

Pricing and billing

Information management for add billing. It enters the adds to the system organizing them by printing day, type and subtype, alphabetic order, etc. Then the system gets the bill ready and sends the information to the company's account system.

Adds format and it's billing. The system assigns the format for each add type. It justifies and measures the add in cm, inches, lines, words, etc and it calculates the price the add should have according to the size, days published and other features as possible automatic discounts

Formulas personalizables para los precios. Fórmulas y precios configurables por rangos de fechas. Disponibilidad de herramientas para modificar fácilmente los precios.

It delivers stadistical information about sales, terminal productions, adds publications. It gives a list of adds that are not being published with the contact number of the client so as to decide the future of the add.


Automatic closure for add capture, with customizable day and hour of closure for each add.

Export is configurable to any pagination system (Harris, QuarkXpress, PageMajerm, etc)



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