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SQL Server

Windows Xp o Superior

- SD Acr SQL Demo


Multimedia archive on SQL Server

Scalable storage capacity acording to the client's needs.
Object's data structure for storage is defined by the client.
Storage of photografs, texts, pages, adds, sounds, videos, etc.


SD Arc makes it possible to have a multimedia archive organic management. Is an easy manageable, scalable and adaptable tool with an advanced search engine

The Archive can be kept organiced. With the indexed and properly organiced materials the work can be done easily.


Modularized Config. Allows the news company to start just with a single part of the system, for example pictures and text archive, and later add the adds and pages area and so on.

Information access and utilization for each object archived. The data incorporation to the system is made through the "Access points". There will be as many "Access points" as types of objects to be archived, and each one of them has the capability to extract as much information as it can get from the object, and organice it in the different defined fields.

Tag words. All the words related to the object will be indexed (they will be used as tags for search) except for the words selected as "irrelevant". Search can be done be complete or partial words. When searching, the object type and the Tag word can be specified.

Storage unit. Inside one object, photos for example, the Storage unit can be specified to search all the pictures but from a particular agency.

Search Tags. Each search will be able to have a Tag. It will be storaged with it's results to be used some other time if necessary.

Search Fields. If different types of objects are selected for the search, it can be done by selecting the common fields for the selected objects, or selecting particular fields for each.

Selection Window. In the right portion of the screen one or more selection windows are displayed. The objects that are needed will be draged in. This allows the user to make multiple searchs of different objects and group them.

Categorization. Inside the archive categories are formed that respond to the publication sections. When un picture is placed in a category, it can't be placed in another one. In this way the programs prevents the user from using one picture many times/seccions in the same publication. This categories get renewed with each publication date.

Link with the Editorial System. It gets the picture orders (with code and measures) for the publication organization. The user sets the picture's fraction to be places in a particular free space. The program has a quality control tool that lets the user know if the cropping is too small to fill the free space with a quality image.


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