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Windows Xp or upwards


SD Flow

Extention / Plugin for QuarkXPress 8 and Indesign CS3
Digital Pre-Diagramation and Automatic pagination

Allows to link writing with prepaginación.
Notes'  measures precise adjustment.
Notes and graphics automatically imported.
Page's geometry exportation.
Inserción de los pedidos de Fotografias en el SD Arc
Tracking del estado de la edición.


User Friendly approach. Gracias a su simplicidad de manejo, mejora sustancialmente los tiempos de producción, extendiendo el horario de cierre del diario.

Automatic nature of the diagramation process and it actualization, makes it easier to work in the page development. Spaces are asigned and texts will get adjusted to them. The different styles, for tittles, texts, art, etc are set and this makes the creation of the page even faster.

The user gets a clear notion of the page's status. He can see which notes are being written, which ones are being edited, etc. Besides there is an option to create a edition report with all the note data, printing time, etc.


Page prediagramation. It allows to stablish a link between the page diagram created in the terminals and the ones in digitalization, where the journalist can create and measure the exact text or tittle depth according to the space assigned in the page.In this way, the manual development and distribution is avoided. The possible changes made are send to the other points in production by the Geometry Pass-Back Files.

Creates and sets page spaces for tittles, texts, arts (photos, adds and infos) and it gives them properties, as format, style, size, etc. It also adjust the texts to spaces given automatically.

Imports texts and arts (photos, grafs, adds, etc.) and adjusts them automatically to diagrammed boxes according their specifications. It verifies if the material is available.

Tracking. This fuction allows the user to have complete control of the edition's status, as it shows the status of each page component (texts, photos, adds, etc) with a colors interface for an intuitiveinterpretation.

Links. Exports the geometry assigning names to the spaces to link them to the text files that have the material. It enables the complete integration to the editorial system SD Editor. It also places the photografs orders in the SD Arc with their measures and codes, to allow the future automatical pagination.


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